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Why Does Coffee Taste Bitter

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If you are a coffee lover and at one time or another you have bad coffee that tasted too bitter, not fresh, or with not enough flavor and aroma. You are tired of thinking why does my coffee taste bad or Why Does Coffee Taste Bitter and looking for a good way to improve the flavor of a bitter-tasting cup of coffee. Probably sometime coffee tastes bad all of a sudden

coffee taste

What causes bitter Coffee

Here are some causes of bitter you may say bad coffee:

1.    Over steeping

If you steep your coffee over it will cause bitter and harsh taste. When you use an automatic espresso machine or a filter coffee maker, there is less chance of over steeping, mostly it’s impossible. But if you use a French press or an Aeropress, the chance of over-steeping is high.

2.    Dirty Equipment

The very important question is your coffee maker is clear or do you take care of its cleanness. Because of its matters a lot. Coffee beans are full of oil and acids. When you ground and brewed it, the oils and acids will pile up in the coffee pot that’s why your coffee taste metallic and sour. So make sure to get rid of let over. why does my coffee taste sour?

3.    Are you grinding coffee beans properly?

The most important reason for Why Does Coffee Taste Bitter is the proper grinding of coffee beans. Every brewing use a specific size of coffee beans such

  • Grind coarse for French Press and Percolator method.
  • To Grind medium for the typical household coffee method with flat filters.
  • Grind fine for a coffee maker with cone-shaped filters.
  • Have to Grind extra-fine for pump and steam espresso maker.

4.    Excessive Caffeine

One cause of bitterness in an excessive amount of caffeine.

caffeine in  coffee

Why does my coffee taste sour?

Sometimes coffee tastes sour because of the fruity acidity comes out first from beans. This flavor comes from acidic compounds found naturally in fruit and often can be quite pleasant. Some people like this taste if you don’t like it balanced its sweetness or add flavors.


What to put in coffee to make it taste good?

There a few tips and tricks you can turn your bad or bitter cup of coffee into a delicious cup of coffee.

1.    Regularly clean the coffee equipment

Make sure your coffee equipment is clean. Cleaning your coffee machine once or twice a month will give you the delicious cup of coffee. You can simply clean it with vinegar and cold water.

2.    Use quality Coffee beans

The very best method to eliminate bitterness in coffee is to buy high-quality organic coffee beans. Try to purchase whole beans that have been soaked. It is also called as called the ferment-and-wash process, mostly used in Kenya and can reduce bitterness. Try to grind it at home by yourself.

3.     Properly store your beans

Try your best to store properly the beans from the original bag and put in an airtight container like Tupperware or Glad Ware, the better to keep harmful light out of  it or in dark or low light because extreme light  can cause deterioration of coffee beans

4.    Do not store in the freezer or refrigerator

Keep beans in an airtight container in a cool, dry and dark place like a cupboard or pantry because high moisture causes your beans to stale faster.

5.    Measure the amount Properly

Before grinding Weigh your coffee beans. Usually, 75oz (22g) of coffee beans to every 8oz of cold water is right. You can also add less and more taste but its good.

6.    Brew Just Enough to Drink drink

Brew your coffee just before drinking, because after sometimes the taste of coffee starting to spoil. If you want to enjoy the freshness of coffee tries to fresh.

7.    Add some salt

Another way to eliminates bitterness or sour taste in the coffee adds some salt that balanced the taste of the coffee.

8.    Try different types of Coffee Maker:

Try to brew coffee with a different type of coffee maker. The drip system makes the smoothest and least bitter brew, using a quality paper filter.  Coffee with French press generally will be more bitter because of increased soluble solids from the longer brewing process.

9. Water filter

Usually, 98% of a cup of coffee is water. Coffee with chlorine or chemicals can cause bitter and harsh taste. Make sure water for coffee comes from either a high-quality filter or quality bottled water. Because the low-quality filter has some harmful chemicals in it.

9.    Don’t use boiled water

Don’t use boiled water because it causes a bitter taste.

10.    Ideal Brewing Temperature

Must pay attention to the water temperature. The high temperature will result in over-extraction. The ideal temperature for brewing perfect coffee is 200 degrees Fahrenheit

coffee bean roast

11.    Roasting Method

At last but not least the reason of Why Does Coffee Taste Bitter is the roasting method also matters a lot, the dark roast makes a bitter coffee if you don’t like them try the medium roast.

11. Rinse and Repeat

That says it all! If you follow these steps you will notice a more flavorful and tasty cup of coffee.

Now finally, you can enjoy a delicious and not too bitter cup of coffee.

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