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How to repair Coffee maker

coffee maker repairing
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For the coffee lover, nothing more is invigorating in the early morning than the smell of fresh coffee brew and nothing more frustrating than coffee maker that is not working properly. So read How to repair Coffee maker in this article. After some time kitchen appliances, especially the coffee maker, you can fix it at home within a short period.

Repairing a coffee maker is not a difficult task, it requires simple tools and a little bit of effort within a short period. Before throwing your old coffee machine think about it and repair it at home by following these tips.

The first step of How to repair Coffee maker, you should check three things basically:

The coffee machine must b connected to the electric socket

The doors of your coffee machine must be closed

There should be water in the  ideal or maximum capacity

repair coffee machine

Secondly, Mineral Deposits and Obstruction may also cause the disorder of  Coffee Maker

Another issue that maybe your coffee machine is the mineral deposits that can be resolved easily. It occurs in both auto-drip and single-serve coffee maker. It happened because the water is hard. Because of mineral deposits:

Your coffee maker brewed coffee slowly

 From the top of the coffee maker, no steam comes.

You can solve this problem by cleaning your coffee maker with the liquid vinegar solution.

How to remove mineral deposits from the coffee machine:

First of all, remove the water from the reservoir, the coffee pot must be empty

Then pour the vinegar-water solution into the coffee pot

Turn on the coffee maker and let the vinegar solution liquid run through it into the coffee pot

After this clean it with water and removes all the solution

It’s better to do this method twice in the month, to keep your coffee maker clean and safe.

What is the reason that you can’t turn on your coffee maker?

 Sometimes it happens that your coffee machine does not work because you are not able to turn it on. Here are some signs:

The display of machine does not blink

The coffee maker is not brewing

Now how to repair it:

First of all, check your wall socket and confirm it whether it is working properly or not.

Sometimes it happened, the coffee machine is perfectly alright and the problem is with the socket

Coffee make does not brew because of Water Leakage

One reason for leakage is the parts of the machine are connected properly or tightly

Make sure that:

The filter basket is firm and the pot is stable under the filter basket

The filter is not blocked by coffee ground and minerals

There may be some cracks on the pot so check it.

If there are cracks on the pot, replace it instead of buying another coffee maker.

If the cracks are on the plastic pot, try to replace it with steel coffee pot

These were some simple problems with your coffee machine, you can fix it.

Now the choice is yours whether you repair it at home or replace it with the new coffee maker.

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