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Coffee bean types and flavors

coffee bean type
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Coffee is an aromatic drink with a pleasant bitterness, so elegant and delicate. So it is the second famous product in the world after oil. A delicious beverage made up of the beans or roasted seeds, or “beans,” of the coffee plant. We discuss different Coffee bean types and flavors.

We need a good quality coffee grinder and coffee makers. Similarly, have to select 2 in 1 for grinding and making of cup of coffee as well. But as a coffee lover, do you know which is the more important factor to make a perfect cup of coffee? Let us find. 

If you are the lover of coffee and searching for the perfect cup of coffee. So having a good coffee maker is not enough, the perfect cup of coffee starts with the perfect coffee beans. Then perfect bean is the combination of regional climate and soil. Therefore selecting the right coffee beans to have a great impact on the flavor of the coffee. Selection of coffee beans is also important if you want to use it for weight loss.

There are probably seventy countries that produced coffee but only a few in number have an ideal environment and conditions for growing coffee crops. So with the soil and environment, an attitude is one of the important factors for growing good quality beans. They are usually cultivated in the high lying areas. There in Brazil coffee is grown on the highest altitude. Also in Columbia, it produced at higher altitude. So Coffee beans differ in size, color, shape and taste relying on the region in which they are produced.


raw coffee beans

Where coffee beans produced?

Coffee beans were first discovered in Ethiopia from here it spread to all around the globe. While Ethiopian coffee bean is highly aromatic and full of flavor, known as one of the best coffees in the globe. Brazil is famous for its coffee production. Aside from Brazil, there are some other countries that are famous for coffee beans such as  Columbia, Indonesia, Hawaii and Mexico.

  • Brazil

In the continent of South America, there are numerous countries that are famous for coffee production. So in Brazil, undoubtedly, is the leader of coffee beans production around the world. In the last six decades, Brazilians had been generating and dispensing espresso throughout the world. In fact, 66% of the best beans are exported from Brazil. So it has regular sunshine and rain for perfect growth.

  • Jamaica

However, the lovers of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee believe that it is unique coffee beans. These beans are expensive and unique because of the mild flavor and lack of bitter aftertaste. So it is only produced in Jamaica. For the guarantee, every bag of the Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee must be certified by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica. Only the finest coffee beans will be stepped in this way.

  • Columbia

Another lesser-known country in Columbia produced the best coffee seeds. But sometimes it’s overshadowed because of the country ’s poor economy. For the perfect production, it is necessary to have expensive machinery and good transport system for exported out to the other countries.

  • Hawaiian

Hawaiian, also have suitable environmental conditions for the production of coffee seeds. Here the seeds are flourished in volcanic ash soil, where warms sun is combined with frequent rainfall, providing an ideal environment for coffee cultivation.

  • Indonesia

Indonesia, also have a conducive environment for growing coffee beans because of their advanced technologies. They also grow seeds in remote areas such as Java and Sulawesi.

  • India

Another is the India Mysore bean that is often grown in the monsoon rains and is one of the best coffee beans. So it has a mild acidity and sweet medium body much like the Java Arabica.

  • Mexican

Lastly but also the popular country is Mexican. Its beans are also considered as the best because of its different taste and color.

So numerous countries produced coffee seeds in different ways. That varies in taste, aroma and flavor, all depends on regional climate.

Other but less popular species of coffee beans are Coffea mogeneti, Coffea gallienii, Coffea bonnieri, Congo coffee. Also Coffea liberica, Coffea stenophylla, Coffea excelsia, Coffea bonnieri Congo coffee, Liberian coffee, Bengal coffee. And Coffea mogeneti, benghalensis and Sierra Leonian coffee.

Coffee can vary on the following factors

  • Variety of Beans

Two major coffee beans are Arabica and Robusta. Arabica has a low quantity of caffeine, regarded as superior into robusta coffees.

  • Method of Processing

Two major types of processing are: washed and unwashed coffee beans. Washed coffees remove the cherry before the bean is left to dry. While unwashed coffees have their beans removed from the cherries after drying. Unwashed coffees often come from Africa and Indonesia.

  • Geographic Region

The geographical region highly impacts the taste of beans. For example, Ethiopian coffees tend to has a rich flavor, full-bodied, and wine-like taste. Hawaiian coffees are acidic and Latin American coffees tend to be more medium-bodied, fruity, and floral.

  • Roast

Roasting is a complex process that is helpful in producing varying degrees of flavor and caffeine content. Roasts levels can include light/half-city, medium/full-city, full (Viennese/Italian), and double (French), in order of increasing boldness.

  • Method of Brewing

It Can, french press, includes drip filter, percolated, espresso, or other methods. The brewing method also makes a big difference.

There are two types of popular coffee plants in the world: Robusta coffee beans and Arabica coffee beans other less famous are Coffee Liberia and Coffee Excelsa.

Arabica Coffee

Coffea Arabica is generally known as Arabic. Arabica is considered as the original coffee bean, comprises about 60% of the total world coffee market. Sold mostly in coffee shops throughout the world. So it was the first species of coffee and was discovered in Ethiopia. Now it cultivated coffee in the Middle East and Africa. But it has grown in many countries, especially Colombia. The crop of  Arabica beans is cultivated at higher altitudes, in the place where it receives plentiful rainfall and has a good range of shade. 


  • Market Size:

Its size is  about 60–75% of the total market of  coffee

  • Size of tree:

The tree of arabica tree Shortest mostly 6′–12′ tall that grows mostly in high altitude without high-temperature temperatures and with proper rainfall and pest control

  • Caffeine Quantity:

The quantity of caffeine is 75–130 mg per 6 oz cup

  • Taste of coffee:

It has a highly complex flavor and aromas, mostly depend on the region, where it has grown. 

Robusta Coffee

The Robusta Coffea is also known as canephora, the second-largest coffee beans produced globally. This quantity of caffeine content is about 27 %, because of astringent flavor and higher amounts of caffeine. Robusta coffee beans are considered as lower grade coffee beans, even quite methods too. Therefore it is cultivated primarily in Brazil Indonesia, West Africa, Brazil and Vietnam.  It has possessed highly resistant to disease and weather and therefore makes it a lot easier to grow, so these beans are cheaper as compare to other beans. Robusta coffee beans have almost double amount of caffeine that of  Arabic possess. That’s why it has a strong resistance to disease, caffeine acts as a means of self-resistance to the disease.


  • Market Size:

About 25% of the coffee market

  • Growing Notes:

It grown in a warm climate with irregular rainfall, capable of withstanding dry, hot conditions possess high resistance to pests and disease ultimately higher yield than the other species.

  • Tree size:

Trees are 15′–18′ tall and quite hardy. capable of withstanding dry.

  • Caffeine Quantity:

The quantity of caffeine is almost 140–200 mg per 6 oz cup

  • Tasting and Aroma:

Coffea robusta is generally less desirable flavor-wise than of Coffea arabica, it is used mostly in  Italy due to its deeper, darker flavor profile.

Comparison between Arabica and Robusta

Arabica and Robusta beans have their unique flavor and taste. Common differences are associated with flavor, growth conditions and aroma. Arabica coffee bean has a soft sweet taste, with a good amount of sugar as compared to Robusta coffee beans. Robusta has a stronger and a harsher taste and peanut like after-taste. Robusta beans possess twice the amount of caffeine as Arabica beans, that’s why inferior to it. Keeping this aside, Robusta beans are easy to grow and less vulnerable to environmental conditions. 

Coffee Liberia

 A “lost” species of coffee that is popular in 1890 Liberia. Mostly it is used in the Philippines where the popular Barako blend is the choice of the people. Similar to robusta in it has strong and bold taste, and a very strong aroma and a fruity, woody taste.


  • Market Size

Market size is Very low

  • Growing Notes:

Trees are tall, grow 20′–30′ tall with larger, heavier, less symmetrical beans, cultivated  almost exclusively in the Philippines

  • Caffeine Content:

The content of caffeine is 70–125 mg per 6 oz cup

  • Taste and Aroma:

Liberica beans have a unique aroma, floral and fruity notes, with a full body that possesses smoky taste.

Coffee Excelsa

Excelsa even rarer than Liberia isn’t very famous and only comprises a very small part of world coffee production. These coffee beans are primarily cultivated in Southeast Asian countries. Therefore it has a fruity, lingering taste. Some Scientists believes that Excelsa is a sub-species of Liberia but the taste is different.


  • Market Size:

The size is about 7% of the total coffee market

  • Growing Notes:

Similar to Coffea liberica with tall trees about 20′–30′ feet tall, grows almost exclusively in the Philippines and Southeast Asia

  • Caffeine Quantity:

The quantity of caffeine is  60–120 mg per 6 oz cup

  • Tasting Notes:

Excelsa possesses a tart and fruity body- which are flavors reminiscent of a light roast- that also has dark roasted notes. There is also a blended coffee beans that is a mixture of Arabica and Robusta beans.

If coffee beans are stronger then they leave strong stains, please read the blog on how to remove old coffee stains and also read about on of the other main issues is how to clean out a coffee pot.

Famous coffee beans

Kenya Coffees Beans

Origin: Kenya

Roast: Dark

Kenya coffee beans are the best beans, a kind of arabica, that are mostly harvested from November to December. Therefore they have rich, strong, flavor with a very pleasant amount of acidity. So the best coffee beans from Kenya are peaberry and grades Kenya. And the industry of Kenya produced almost 51 million kilograms of coffee every year and exported to over 7 million people. Because the fertile and volcanic soil is ideal for growing coffee seeds. Finally, Kenya AA is famous for its piquant and sweet floral taste.

Kona Beans

Origin: Hawaiian

Roast: Medium

Kona is the large island of Hawaiian and knows for growing best coffee beans. The origin of Kona coffee in Hawaii and the USA that have an excellent climate condition for growing seeds as fertile land, volcanic soil, frequent rainfall and slope on the big island. Therefore its taste is sweet like floral with overtones of nuts. They have smooth with a vibrant acidic and mild aroma.

Blue Mountain Coffee

Origin: Jamaica

Roast: Dark

The origin of Blue Mountain coffee in Jamaica got its name after the mountains. So it produces a small number of seeds every year. 80% crop has exported to Japan, unique and legendary coffee beans. Not all, mostly it comes from the Blue Mountain, not all. But the coffee that does grow here is grown at a very high elevation. The cool temperatures, high elevation and volcanic soil help in the growth of the crop.  Therefore it has medium acidity with a mildly sweet taste. Blue Mountain coffee is the smoothest brew.

Peaberry Beans

Origin: Tanzania

Roast: Medium

Peaberry coffee beans are from Tanzania. So it is around and single, ground coffee bean. Mostly in coffee cheery, they are two beans side by side, each with the flat side. But peaberry shaped differently, these beans are denser as compare to others. They mostly have brighter acidic taste and aroma of coconut and pineapple.

Ethiopia coffee

Origin: Ethiopia

Roast: Medium, Dark

Ethiopia is called the motherland of coffee. And here the best varieties of Arabica beans are produced. Until today, this country remained faithful to ancient traditions. So Sorting, Picking, and processing of coffee cherries are done only by hand. Because farmers do not use chemical fertilizers and mechanical instruments. Therefore its called an organic method. In addition, its taste is bold and rich with a slight bitterness and barely noticeable acidity.

Cafe Don Pablo Organic Gourmet Coffee

Origin: Honduras

Roast: Medium Dark

Organic and Fully natural coffee bean with a chocolatey taste. Similarly naturally sweet, does not need a lot of sugar to taste sweet

Lavazza Super Crema Coffee Bean

Origin: Italy

Roast: Medium

An Italian coffee beans that are mild and smooth taste with fruity undertones that  Ideal for Espresso

Cafe Don Pablo Signature Blend Whole Bean Coffee

Origin: Colombia, Guatemala, Brazil

Roast: Medium Dark

It  contains a mixture of coffee beans that come from Brazil, Colombia and Guatemala. 2 lbs of coffee blend that is very affordable and value for money

Lavazza Super Crema Coffee Bean

Origin: Italy

Roast: Medium

An Italian coffee beans that are mild and smooth taste with fruity undertones that  Ideal for Espresso

Koffee Kult Dark Roast Coffee Bean

Origin: Colombia, Guatemala, Sumatra

Roast: Dark

It possesses no bitterness and Very low level of acidity, with very smooth despite being strong and bold taste.

Coffee Bean Direct Whole Bean Coffee

Origin: Colombia, Sumatra, Kona

Roast: Medium

5 lbs of tasty coffee beans are packed immediately after purchase so to ensure maximum freshness.

Death Wish Ground Coffee

Origin: USA

Roast: Dark

It is Very strong coffee because of the powerful caffeine quantity, an excellent and strong morning coffee.

Folgers Classic Roast Ground Coffee

Origin: USA

Roast: Medium

A tasty coffee by Folgers that has high caffeine quantity  and possesses  natural flavors and taste

Death Wish Organic USDA Whole Bean Coffee

Origin: USA

Roast: Dark

 Most reputable and the strongest coffee beans in the whole globe. Despite high strength doesn’t have a bitter taste.

AmazonFresh Colombia Ground Coffee

Origin: Colombia

Roast: Medium

It is Strong and flavorful coffee beans that are in the pack of 3 for flexibility in brewing and storage.

coffee bean type

Kicking Horse Dark Roast Ground Coffee

Origin: Indonesia and South America

Roast: Dark

Affordable coffee beans that are available easily in the market, has natural taste and aroma

In conclusion, coffee beans are obviously the most important part of what makes a great coffee.


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